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Please come and visit and bring your dog but please do tell us you'd like to bring him or her when you make your reservation as we can only accommodate a limited number of dogs at a time and only certain rooms are reserved for our four-legged friends.   We have a few simple rules for visiting dogs:
     (1) Your dog can not be a barker.  Our inn is small and barking would disturb everyone.
     (2) When you leave the premises, your dog must go with you.  Of course if you brought your dog with you, you probably want to take him/her out to do all the fun stuff there is to do around here, anyway!  If you must go do something without your dog, we have a great Doggie Daycare nearby (802) 496-5944.  They even pick up and deliver!  Mad River Veterinary Service is conveniently located right next door, and they have day care as well (802)496-7272.  Of course if you are in the dining room, your dog is perfectly welcome to snooze in your room and if you are here in the summer your dog is welcome to breakfast with you on the patio.
    (3) We request that your dog be at least one-year old.  Puppies don't always understand the rules -- especially the barking rule!
    (4) We never charge extra for our four-legged friends.
    (5) Most importantly, your dog should be OK with other dogs because in December 2006 we welcomed Riley, a totally mixed-breed cutie from a high-kill shelter in West Virginia. He loves to play with other dogs.

He loves the snow and has taken to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. His webbed feet make him a natural!

Riley's Spring vacation took him to Colorado where he enjoyed Denver and then hiked all over the state. Click here for more pictures from Riley's Spring adventure.

Snowy Dunes

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